Make walks-ins regulars

Build loyalty by serving your customers a tailored rewards program and targeted promos.

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Reward hungry customers

Loyalty points
Loyalty points

From promotions to discounted orders, treat customers with points, redeemable for rewards.

Digital punch cards
Digital punch cards

Reward repeat purchases with freebies, just like a traditional coffee punch card.

Status levels
Status levels

Reward loyal customers with unique status levels, each with their own rewards.

Speak to your customers

Push notifications

Reach customers directly with instant, scheduled or recurring push notifications.

Customer lists

Speak to specific customer groups with segmented promotions, notifications and loyalty features.

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Serve up your own promotions

Impromptu offers

Keep your online menu as adaptable as your kitchen by creating on-the-spot promotions.

Recurring offers

Spend more time in the kitchen and less time online by setting up recurring, time-specific menu options.

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This way to zero-commissiononline ordering

Serving up commission-free online ordering, designed to help Australian restaurants thrive

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